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We have a range of products to meet all needs. Most of our products aren't listed on the site yet, so if there is something you don't see, simply call or email us.


Hi, my name is Joe Spoor and this is my family and I in Warren, PA over the 4th of July. In 2006 I opened what is now RedPennyPrinting.com. We are located in the western suburbs of Toledo, OH. I started as a graphic designer by trade, but soon realized there was a desperate need for low-cost printing and signs for small businesses. Most small businesses cannot afford "standard" advertising methods like billboards, tv, radio or direct mail. We've found most have a budget under $200. So we developed our Econo Sign line to give our customers the best value for their dollar: you get our best price even if you only buy 1 sign, you get free design (most sign shops charge a $25+ setup fee), all of your signs can be different, and you get full color! We've enjoyed travelling to places like Louisville- Erie/Warren, PA - Cincinatti/Dayton - Indianapolis - Pittsburgh - Knoxville - Detroit - Orlando - NE Ohio and other places to put out our signs. Please feel free to contact us with questions. And, if you find you don't place an order, please contact us anyway to let us know why. We use this information to better our website, products and pricing. God Bless!
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