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Hi! My name is Joe Spoor. This is my family and I in Warren, PA over the 4th of July, 2013. RedPennyPrinting.com (aka 3dollarsigns.com) begain in 2008 as The Small Business Store. I wanted to establish a "small business-sized" ad agency that brought multip marketing tools under one roof. As such, we do offer our clients TV, Radio and Print advertising, as well as printed materials and signs they can purchase for their own use. We do not have a retainer fee or package pricing. Rather, we offer our marketing services at no charge when a client purchases a product. We also offer free design on many products. I believe the mix of marketing and graphic design experience we offer gives us an advantage over a typical sign or printshop (who simply prints-on-demand). If you ask, we will gladly give you feedback on your design request (once purchase is made). We often play devil's advocate to give clients a different perspective, or suggest changes to their submitted design request. So, even if you have no idea what to put on that sign or business card, we can help direct you at no extra cost.
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